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April 22, 2023

Best ways to pay rent using a credit card: All you need to know

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One of the most substantial expenses is often the rent that we pay for our living. Expenses as big as house rents must be paid with optimal punctuality. There are numerous ways in which one can choose to pay their rent. One of the most influential and beneficial ways to pay one’s rent is through a credit card.

Paying the rent through a credit card is most effective for numerous reasons. Well, additionally, there are different ways in which you can even save by paying your rent with your credit card. In the following discussion, we will discuss the best ways of paying the rent with the help of a credit card. So, let us dive into the discussion without any further delay.

Platforms help to make the rent with credit cards most efficiently and inexpensively:

The most effective way in which credit cards help us in paying our rent is through the use of specific platforms, which themselves are affordable. So, let us begin our discussion with the various affordable and minimally processed platforms that one can use to pay their rent using their credit card. The platforms are as follows.

1. ePayRent

One of the most excellent platforms for paying the rent with credit cards effortlessly. It is one of the safest platforms that guarantee sacred payments with all the information passing under encryption. You receive immediate receipts that help you stay organized and keep a record of the payments. Most beneficially, one gets to earn reward points that they can redeem for the payments they make using this platform.

2. Magicbricks

Magicbricks is the most popular and leading platform in the field of real estate that is involved in selling, buying, and renting residential and commercial properties. This platform has introduced a new feature that enables users to pay rent with the help of their credit card. With it, the users can readily earn rewards and enjoy many more benefits. Most importantly, it is one of the cheapest and most affordable platforms for making payments through credit cards because it has a minimal processing fee of 1% of the transaction amount.


CRED is one of the most recent and popular apps for making payments via credit card. This platform is famous, and people favor it because of its feature of bestowing its users with numerous rewards and benefits. It offers CRED points, rewards, and even cashback when one makes payments through this platform. Here the traction fee ranges from 1% to 1.5%, which depends on the credit card network. Thus, CRED, too, is an affordable and expensive platform for making credit card payments.
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4. Paytm

No one in India can be unaware of this payment platform- Paytm. It is one of the most known payment platforms which one uses to make a variety of payments. The benefits include highly secured payments on a transparent platform. Additional cashback and even the ability to make ten rent payments each month. Additionally, it is one of the most hassle-free platforms for making rent payments via credit cards.

5. MyGate

This platform has become the most popular among users as the best community management app. It has introduced the feature of the RentPay option on its application. It enables the users to payment immediate rent payments and earns beneficial regards on their credit cards. Benefits of using this platform for making rent payments include free cash and an interest-free crest period of 45-60 days, enable UPI transactions at no transaction costs, allows managing all household payments in one place, and allows downloading the receipts of the rent payment for claiming them in HRA tax benefits.

6. Freecharge

Axis Bank is associated with this excellent payment platform, Freecharge, a payment app. It can effortlessly transfer rent from the credit card of the user to the account of the landlord. The convenience fee is as minimal as 1.1%, and at the same time, the users can earn as much as 3% reward points while they pay their rent using their credit card via this platform.

What are the pros of using a credit card for rent payments?

Another way of using best way of making rent payments with credit cards is by knowing their benefits. How is it? Well, when one is aware of all the benefits they can recover from using a credit card, they would be more prone to use it for making rent payments and use it in the specific way that one needs to obtain the benefits. So, let us now know about the different benefits of using a credit card for making rent payments.

1. Rewards

The most crucial benefits of using credit cards for making rent payments is that the users earn numerous rewards, especially reward points. The users are to collect the reward points and later redeem them to enjoy numerous beneficial and appealing rewards and offers.

2. Increases credit score

Making big payments via the crest card can really help an individual enhance their credit score. And a good and well-maintained credit score is important and beneficial. Herefore, when one makes rent payments on a monthly basis or more than one rent payment every month, it means making substantial payments frequently. Thus, the credit score of the individual is bound to be high and impressive.

3. Helps you in your financially tough situations

Sometimes, you might find yourself in a financially difficult position. And making rent payments at such a rate can be quite challenging. Thus, credit cards are the best ways in which one can make their rent payments even when they are going through a finically crunched situation.

4. Controlling delayed rent payments

When users chase to automate their rent, they can ensure that they pay the rent at the right time every month. Automation of the rent payments helps in saving the difficulty of writing cheques and making payments through the digital platform every month.

Final Words

Thus, now that you are aware of the benefits of using credit cards in making rent payments, it will help you use them more ideally and effectively. And using any of the naive platforms mentioned for making rent payments via your credit card can offer you huge benefits, and you will undoubtedly use the best way of paying the rent with a credit card.

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