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April 14, 2023

Best Ways to Convert YouTube Video to Mp3 Easily

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Do you ever want to listen to music on the go but don’t have Wi-Fi? With a simple hack, you can now easily watch your favorite music videos, interviews, and other YouTube videos when you’re not online.

YouTube is a goldmine of content, from music videos to just how. But there are times when you’d rather just download the audio from your favorite video and listen to it whenever you want. When this occurs, downloading the audio track from a YouTube video is the best alternative.

Sometimes little is more when trying to discover an easy way for YouTube to MP3 converter. If you’re looking to convert a video, a straightforward interface with clear directions can be preferable to a wide range of choices.
In this post, we share with you easy ways to convert your YouTube videos to MP3 with their advantages or disadvantages. You’ll learn how to:

Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows with a Recorder

1. Audacity

Easily convert your favorite YouTube videos to MP3 on your computer with the help of Audacity. You may use this free, cross-platform recorder to capture audio in a variety of formats, including MP3, WAV, AIFF, AU, and OGG. The recorded files can be played back, edited, and the volume can be increased as needed.

Unfortunately, it has a complicated design with a lot of buttons and choices, which can be overwhelming for first-time users. The following guidelines are provided as a precaution against this. Once you’ve figured out how things work, you’ll see that the process is actually quite simple.


  • Capable of recording both real-time audio and desktop media
  • Allow for alterations to be made to recorded files.


  • Only allows for individual file recording.
  • lack closed subtitles.
  • Provide a choice of output formats.

If you’re using Windows, you can also switch to search for advice on a reliable recorder to convert YouTube videos to MP3.

Convert YouTube Video to MP3 by Installing the Converter Software

2. Cisdem Video Converter

There are a variety of YouTube to MP3 converters available for speedy and secure download and conversion of YouTube videos on Windows. After much testing, I’ve found that Cisdem Video Converter is the finest program for converting YouTube videos to MP3.

In order to download movies or music from YouTube and many other popular streaming sites like Sound Cloud, Vimeo, Spotify, Facebook, etc., all you need is the URL of the video and this finest YouTube converter will do the rest. Downloading many files at once, especially longer videos, is now possible thanks to the cutting-edge acceleration technology.

In reality, it’s an elite bundle of three separate utilities: a converter, a YouTube to mp3 downloader, and a ripper. In this way, you may use it to convert videos from YouTube to OGG, MP3, AAC, M4A, M4R, AVI, FLAC, and other digital media formats without the need for additional software or plugins. Furthermore, you can merge or split the file as you see fit.


  • Allow video downloads from all sites including YouTube.
  • Allow users to make extensive edits to their downloaded YouTube videos.
  • Videos from YouTube can be downloaded and converted to a wide variety of digital audio and video formats.
  • Fast, lossless batch conversion of YouTube videos to MP3 format.
  • Subtitled videos for download
  • The user-friendly design makes it simple to put to use.
  • Consistency in output and resistance to bogging down in routine tasks.


  • Provide a paid service

Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows with an Extension

3. ADDON CROP Extension

You may use a fantastic addon to convert videos from YouTube to MP3 on Windows without the need for any other software. The most popular add-on for them is Addoncrop YouTube Downloader.

About a dozen browsers and languages are supported by this robust add-on. Just YouTube videos can be converted, however there are no restrictions on file size or duration. In addition, you may use it to grab screenshots, download subtitles, and download movies from YouTube in resolutions ranging from 360p to 1080p. It’s download icon, however, is a little, unassuming picture that’s hard to spot.


  • Don’t need to install third-party software.
  • Available on multiple platforms.


  • Accept a limited form of output
  • You can’t rip audio from multiple YouTube videos at once.
  • Provide no editing tools.
  • Depend heavily on your online connection.

Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows with Web-based Converters

You can also use an online converter to change your Windows movie to an MP3 format. You may find several different online services that will convert videos from YouTube to MP3 format. Most web-based resources impose size or time constraints on downloaded files. What is the best YouTube to mp3 converter? Is your main question. We’ve tested and picked two different online services where you may convert videos from YouTube to MP3 without having to worry about file size or duration restrictions.

4. YTmp3

YTmp3 stated purpose is to convert videos from YouTube to audio formats like MP3 and MP4. Videos from YouTube can be converted easily and without signing up. It has an intuitive design so that users can start working with it right away. The audio bitrate cannot be customized, and there is no batch processing option.


FLVTO is very similar or free YouTube to mp3 converter to YTmp3 in how it is set up and how it works. The difference between the two is little, however clicking the “Convert” option on FLVTO may redirect you to a page with potentially harmful advertisements.


  • Avoid the hassle of software setup
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Work on multiple devices


  • Fill the new window with unwanted ads.
  • When dealing with larger videos, the URL analysis process takes a lengthy time.
  • Not able to handle multiple videos on YouTube at once
  • Insufficient editing tools
  • Most internet converters only support MP3 and MP4 files.
  • Most converters available online have size and character limit constraints.


I’m sure one of these four ideas will work for you. You can use any of these to convert YouTube videos to MP3 on Windows quickly and easily without losing any quality. But if you want to turn a YouTube video longer than two hours into an MP3 file, you should buy dedicated software instead of using a free YouTube to mp3 converter.

The professional converter, on the other hand, not only lets you download and convert any video you want, but also gives you more features, better results, and more stable performance than all three of the other methods put together.

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